Raw Project.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for their support and your continuous support. Going forward without your support I think I would have given-up on this journey a long time ago, so the journey stepping forward is taking me on my first project in a 10+ year career in the field welcome to.


So in a short stint in the ‘professional’ industry I grew to hate it at the same time, ‘raw’ takes me back to once again feeling visually free, built from the ground-up, I’m striving to set a standard. Inspired by the composition of Wes Anderson, the style of Tarantino and the narrative direction of Kubricks, I take you through a visual journey through me home Wales, in a pure ‘raw’ editorial. If you love something enough, you put your all in to it and as time goes by I’m not getting any younger. It’s been a long time coming and now is the perfect time to announce this project and use this site as a platform as a call-out for everyone of all backgrounds and skill-levels.

Please get in-touch if you’re interested in being apart of this project. I’m on all social-media platforms as @&# ‘shotbygoldcut’ or you can send me a message through email hello.abdullahyahia@gmail.com

If you're interested looking at the mood board for inspiration Click Here.

For a look through my other works Click Here.

Thank you.