Introduction; "I'll be fine."

Hello & welcome to my personal 'website' my name is Abdullah Yahia, I'm currently 25 years old writing this blog post, I'm a multi-disciplined creative based in Cardiff, (S) Wales. My main love is photography, a camera has been my weapon of choice since the age of 15, you're probably here because you know me as "shotbygoldcut" but there is much more to me than a 'Instagram handle' this blog will be an insight (I hope) to myself; Who I'm still trying to find; My work and much more. I'm writing this 'Introduction' to escape the bullshit of having an 'about me' page but also giving you a taste of whats to come, 'about me' pages have never been my strong point as I'm living, learning and finding myself as I grow, lot of years left in me (I hope) so if I make a change in this world; Someone can write my biography, ha. Change, if I can inspire one or a few to get out and do what they love or get in to what they think they'll be good at, I'll be happy, "this, this is for you, the reader." 'Multi-disciplined' the industries I've been in or you know (sticking to something you're good at) always throw the word "professional" about, I don't determine to be 'professional' as you can tell by my writing and the language chosen, I get it, it's not PG-13, if it's not for you, turn away. The reality of getting people in the professional world to like you is slim, I hold a no-fucks given attitude at all times because I want to be myself, being known is not a goal of mine but to continuously fall in love with what I do is what I strive upon. So with that fine line between being a pessimist and optimist that is sewn into my personality, being 'professional' will never be a certainty. 

So, back to what I want to do with this site, I want to share my work on projects that I'm doing, interview creatives and people who are doing interesting shit, when I first started out in the creative world, there was nothing, no platform, no one gave me the opportunity to make my voice heard/ my work seen, I had to take the hard road but now we have platforms like Facebook, Instagram so on and so fourth. But there is no honest insight to the people behind the mask of 'social media' and with the interviews I want to unmask the creatives and the people behind their craft giving the reader an honest view an honest insight. My personal blog posts will be a reflection on myself, my life, my troubles and my strifes and hopefully come in to my own as a writer, it goes to show, I never had the best of education (partly my fault) but I've got to where I am by learning and working hard, like the saying says "hard work, beats talent every time." Even though being a pessimist I pride myself on being a people person and maybe you can relate to what I have to say or what I do, if not this serves as a memory bank that I can look back on. 

To look at more of what I do as a 'creative' there are links to all my social-media accounts at the bottom of the page, I will use this site to put out casting calls of my projects that I want to collaborate with people on, further insights to those projects will be on the blog, if you're interested in reading more please subscribe to this blog or follow me on any of the social media accounts you see, I will keep everyone and everything updated with anything new that pops-up here, thank you for reading, comments are turned on for discussion, so please support by commenting and liking.