Proposal & Marriage. The Rest Of Our Lives.

Last year I proposed in-front of a graveyard in the centre of town 'The Hayes' to be exact; To the love of my life, Amber & the conversation that came before it made it so fitting, even got down on one knee, bit of the hopeless romantic, but I grew some balls and popped the question that will set me up for the rest of my life with my best friend, writing this blog post, family members and friends don't even know we're getting married, you're hearing it here first, sorry. Before I never thought I would get married yet fall in love, pretty much the couple who keep ourselves to ourselves, yeah, we don't talk to our neighbours, ha! It's not ignorance but life is such a precious thing, why share it with the world, getting married for our next venture in life, to get our families together for a day because family is such a hard nut to crack, you see them once, then it's a funeral or a wedding. A few months in to being engaged, we've been looking at venues and planning and came to logger heads over everything because we can't decide how we're going to do things, but that's the fun of it all but we drove past a venue we're planning to view and us being a little bit cheeky and impatient drove in there to just have a sneak-peak at it, instantly it's the first place we fell in love with after months of viewing places it's the only place that we had that vibe from, now to decide to have a summer, autumn, winter wedding. FUN! The hair pulling starts now. 

What's not to love about this place? Our inner hippies are coming out here... Ha, I'm excited. This place is in Pencoed, it's called the Canada Lake Lodge. Now to lose weight and prepare my wallet for a bottle green Gucci suit.