It all started for me when I was fifth-teen years old, currently writing this I'm 26, a camera has been my weapon of choice for 10 years; Give or take. It's my freedom of expression. As much as I love what I do & working on my own projects, I've put this here as an online business card if you will. Over the years, I've designed, photographed and marketed my own brand 'Untitled Clothing Company.' Taking inspiration from current moods and incoming trends with a style of 'photograph' that I've moulded into my own over my career I want to set a standard and exceed expectations with my visionary. No easy road taken I know the struggles of the 'industry' and always look in to the future and my clients imagination in-mind. This website is built for the viewer and old & new clients, there's a blog to keep you coming back and a portfolio to look through my works as a photographer, testimonials serve the purpose of what people's experience has been like working with me. I'm Abdullah Yahia a.k.a shotbygoldcut, based in Cardiff, (S) Wales.